Home Tattoo Instruction 3 Ways to Improve Your Tattooing While in Quarantine.

If you’re like most of the world… Your shop is closed!

Just because we can’t tattoo at the moment doesn’t mean it’s time to chill and binge watch Netflix!

If we look at this pandemic as an opportunity, we have a fantastic chance to double down on our skills while everyone else is sleeping and waiting out the lockdown.

When I was apprenticing, I couldn’t always be at the shop as I was still attending university and transitioning from the military. 

However, I KNEW that every second I wasn’t drawing, painting, or doing something to progress my skills, I was getting left behind by others who were.

So what can we do if don’t have access to the shop?

1. Paint Flash!

This not only allows us to keep ou
r muscle memory and design eye in shape for our return to the shop, but it will also have us returning to the shop with a HUGE portfolio of new designs for clients to choose from! Win/Win!

2. Build and Tune Tattoo Machines!

I wouldn’t generally advise taking apart your only machine as it may take time to put back together for your first few times but… right now we have the time to study and learn the proper way!

Taking apart your tattoo machine and putting it back together now will quickly familiarize you with the components so you’re able to do so in an “emergency” situation down the road.
 For example, if a spring breaks mid-tattoo.


3. Productize Your Designs Skills!

This is putting your design skills to work in other areas, like creating shirts, pins, patches, etc as I’ve shown you in The Monthly Mastermind.

Not only will this create another income stream NOW, but it will also help you grow a library of products that will continue to serve you throughout your career.

Let me know what you think of this list and which ones you’re taking action on today!

Stay safe out there, wash your hands, and we’ll be back in the shop in no time. 🤙🏼

Nathan Molenaar

Nathan is a full-time tattoo artist and spends his free time sharing his experience and knowledge with aspiring artists who dream of pursuing a career in the tattooing industry.

  1. Thanks for this Jay – my working week is cut down to three days currently, so I am using the spare time to:
    Improve on my drawing and painting skills
    I have requests for designs for tattoos so I will do those ready.
    I have a lovely outbuilding in my garden which I used to use as an office, I will be turning that into my tattoo studio!
    The flowers in my garden are a great source of inspiration to me – I am growing from seed this year as I have time and can save money by doing this instead of growing plants.

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